1. Community

    1. General Discussion

      Have something cool to share ? The best way to get involved with a community is starting discussions !

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    2. Screenshots & Videos

      Have a cool screenshot or video ? Share it here !

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    3. Off-Topic

      Have something to say or share that's completely unrelated to TGN or gaming ? Post it here !

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    4. Introduce Yourself

      Tell us your name IGN, or IRL. How long have you played Arma or FPS ect. Hobbies? Just keep it rated: PG please.

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    5. Community Announcements

      All big changes within the community or community events will be posted here.

  2. Exile Mod

    1. Server Rules

      Here we will post all rules or guidelines to our servers. Please make sure to read them all ! If you have ANY questions or concerns, please speak with a staff member !

    2. Change logs

      Our development team at TGN loves interacting with the community. We will do our best to post a weekly change log of everything that goes down behind the scenes!

    3. Clan/Family Recruitment

      Just start a new clan or family ? Looking for more members ? Post a advertisement here! We love seeing the community come together !

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    4. Feature Requests

      Feel like the server can use just a little extra something ?

      Let us know here !

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    5. Bug Reports

      Saw something out of place ? Something really strange happen to you ? Tell us all about it here ! 

      NOTE : If your report is related to duping, exploiting or cheating. PLEASE private message a staff member instead of sharing it here! - Thank you

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  3. Content

    1. Third Party Mods

      Keep up to date or talk about the mods here!

    2. Tips & Tricks

      Post tips or tricks here about what makes your game play better or performance better!

    3. Tools

      Have tools you use with arma? Tell us about it here!

    4. Computer Specs

      Have a crazy setup? Share it with us!

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    5. Tutorials

      Feel like being helpful today ? Make a cool tutorial and post it here !

  4. Administrative

    1. Player & Admin Reporting

      Need to report a player or admin ? Post your report here. Make sure to give as much info as possible !

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    2. Ban Appeals

      Post your unban appeals here.

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    3. Compensation

      Feel like you deserve compensation ? Post your compensation request here. Make sure to follow the template given.

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